'Tiny Tower' Update 1.3 Launches With New Floors, New Costumes


In case you haven't seen our previous coverage, we're kind of big fans of iOS game "Tiny Tower." The game seemingly came out of nowhere this year, and as soon as Russ Frushtick convinced me to start playing, I was hooked. I'm normally a bit apprehensive of free-to-play mobile titles, but "Tiny Tower" is just so inherently addictive, you'll have trouble putting it down once you've jumped on board. NimbleBit have done a great job updating the game with interesting new features so far, and today's update is no exception.

Starting today, "Tiny Tower" includes a few new options that will probably make you less productive – this game and it's notifications are the enemy of getting any work done.

First, there's a brand new elevator. As your tower grows floor by floor, you'll undoubtedly want to save up those "bux" – or buy a few to help out the developer – and buy a speedier elevator to bring those wonderful VIP's to fill your pockets with gold. The "dream job" bonus has been raised to 2 bux, so it's totally possible to get the rocket elevator of your dreams in less time, assuming you're following our handy guide on how to efficiently place your bitizens.

Next, version 1.3 allows your business floors to hold more stock, something that comes as a wonderful addition to anyone who has been scolded by their wife for opening their iPhone at dinner to restock a store; not that I've ever done that or anything. In other floor-related news, there's a brand new residential floor, and even better, VIP's will fill out any glaring holes in your residential spaces.

Lastly, there's a web-based bitizen builder that allows you to build a custom avatar online. Not only is this great for showing off your latest creations to your friends, it enables you to potentially create weird little stories within your tower. For instance, let's say you want to create a scenario where the pilgrims have warped through time and staked their claim in a skyscraper – you can totally do that. Personally, I'm most excited to develop the backstory of Mystique's rise to regional manager at Starbucks.