Nintendo 3DS Coming In Flame Red, Release Dates For 'Super Mario' And 'Mario Kart' 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

UPDATE: Nintendo reps initially gave us specific release dates for "Super Mario 3D Land" and "Mario Kart 7." Those dates have since been deemed "unofficial." Currently the only official release time-frames are November for "Super Mario 3D Land" and December for "Mario Kart 7."

Original Story: The 3DS has been in the news lately, what with Nintendo's recent announcement that the handheld gaming device would be dropping in price to $169.99 (down from $249.99 at launch). The news was not greeted warmly by fans who purchased the handheld on day one, even though they were rewarded with 20 free classic Nintendo games to download, but the price drop was never meant for them. The idea is to encourage new fans to adopt Nintendo's handheld, and the company isn't just stopping at the price tag.

On September 9, "Star Fox 64 3D" will hit shelves. On that same day, Nintendo will be releasing the Flame Red Nintendo 3DS (pictured), for those looking for more variety than just the Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue options.

Nintendo also wanted to ensure that people knew they're working on rectifying the lack of software which plagued the 3DS launch, announcing the release dates for two of the most anticipated 3DS games. "Super Mario 3D Land," a "Mario 64"-style platformer, will be releasing in November, while "Mario Kart 7" will be releasing in December. They've also revealed that the first full "Pokemon" game on 3DS, "Pokemon Rumble Blast," will be out on Oct. 24. The promise of a top-quality first-party Nintendo game releasing every month, starting in September, is definitely a step in the right direction.

For those who purchase a 3DS before the official price drop day on August 12 (and sign on to the Nintendo eShop), they'll be rewarded with 10 free downloadable NES games and 10 free downloadable GBA games before the end of 2011. Certain retailers have already lowed the price, so you may be able to get both deals if you act quickly.