'Modern Warfare 3' Spec Ops Survival Gameplay Video

During this year's E3, folks who watched the Microsoft press conference got the first public look at "Modern Warfare 3" gameplay. The mission, which involved an underwater assault on a Russian submarine based in New York harbor, was taken from the single-player campaign. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer showed more of the game behind closed doors during E3, though. Part of that demonstration was a hands-on session with Spec Ops Survival mode, a two-player co-op mode which is akin to Horde mode in "Gears of War 2" meets Zombie mode in "Black Ops." I actually previewed that mode in boring ol' text, if you're interested.

But why would you bother with that when you can watch fancy moving pictures? Activision released a new trailer for "Modern Warfare 3" today and the focus is on Spec Ops Survival. You can see some of the main components at work, including earning cash from kills and spending them on weapon upgrades and perks.

It's important to remember that the original Spec Ops mode from "Modern Warfare 2" is also returning. In that mode, two players were given objectives like "Make it from Point A to Point B without being spotted" or "Survive using air strikes on this rooftop." That's still in "Modern Warfare 3." Survival is in addition to that.

That's not to mention adversarial multiplayer, which is, of course, what most people are going to be playing. We haven't seen any adversarial multiplayer yet, but that'll change in the beginning of September, when the mode makes its world debut at the first annual "Call of Duty XP" convention.