Nyko Zoom, For Kinect, Delayed Until September


As I mentioned earlier today in my review of "Fruit Ninja Kinect," one of the main reasons I haven't played many Kinect games since launch is the fact that my apartment simply doesn't have the space. It would require Herculean furniture-moving efforts and I'm really only willing to do that once a month or so. The Nyko Zoom, however, may make that a thing of the past.

The 3rd party attachment clips into the Kinect camera and works its technological magic, cutting Kinect's space requirements by 40% (or so the company claims). I wasn't able to test it out during E3, but I have spoken to those who did and the response was universally positive.

The attachment was originally planned for release this month, but, according to Nyko, there has been "overwhelming demand from consumers and retailers," so they've increased the initial run of units. Unfortunately this means they won't make the August release date. The Zoom is now planned for release on September 13.

It's fortuitous timing, given that September 13 is the same release date as "The Gunstringer," Twisted Pixel's Kinect-only shooter which happens to come with a copy of "Fruit Ninja Kinect." So, if you're among the many that haven't used your Kinect in months due to space constraints, that date may bring with it a brand new age of motion-controlled gaming. Until you get tired. Then you'll probably just want to go back to "Call of Duty."