'Minecraft' Fan Convention, Minecon, In Vegas This November


How amazing has it been to watch the story of Mojang's "Minecraft," led by indie developer Markus "Notch" Persson? The game is a worldwide sensation, selling nearly 3 million copies to date and it hasn't even left beta yet. Yes, Mojang has done literally millions in sales from a game that isn't even technically finished. That's in no small part to the game's obsessive community of fans who have spent countless hours, shaping their own game-worlds and building massive structures from pixelated cubes.

So, as the final build of "Minecraft" steadily approaches, what's left to do? Why, have a fan convention, of course.

Speaking to PC Gamer, the aptly named Minecon will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 18 and 19. According to the "Minecraft" man himself, the convention will serve as a way to not only gather "Minecraft" fans, but also to officially launch the game's full release.

"MineCon is about celebrating the full release of Minecraft,” Notch told PC Gamer. "I'm really looking forward to getting up on stage and pushing the button to upload the final build."

I don't know about you, but I just had this marvelous mental image of Notch pressing a giant red button, igniting a trail of redstone powder that leads to a huge computer. If that doesn't happen at Minecon – well, I'm sure something else equally great will happen. Maybe there will be building workshops with life-sized "Minecraft" blocks.

The event takes place at the Mandalay Bay Resort, and a site with registration should open up sometime next week. Unfortunately, this is kind of short notice, and doesn't leave you much time to scrounge up change. That said, I'm assuming the tickets will sell fairly quickly.