'Mass Effect 3' Cover Art Awaits Your Vote, Blonde Shepard With A Commanding Lead


Something I've always admired about the "Mass Effect" series is its seeming equality – in gameplay – towards the gender of protagonist Shepard. Whichever sex you choose, they're equally capable of saving humanity. Of course, the testosterone-enabled version of BioWare's space hero has always taken precedence in terms of the two previous games' cover-art, but all of that's about to change. "Mass Effect 3" will feature a female Shepard on the box front, and if you think that's wonderfully p.c. of the studio, you're going to love their democratic plan to pick the heroine's appearance.

Right now, you can head over to the BioWare Facebook page and vote for your favorite female Shepard. When the game releases, your vote will help decide who graces the game's cover.

Personally, I play with a male Shepard. That's not because I don't enjoy watching a badass female lead kick alien butt; I'm just one of those dudes who enjoys placing himself in the shoes of his role-playing character. At the same time, I have plenty of friends who enjoy playing as the opposite sex because they enjoy going on an adventure as someone they're not; to each their own, I suppose.

Regardless of your preference, you can make your voice heard on how female Shepard should look on the "Mass Effect 3" cover. There are six marginally different looks to choose from, including variations in hair color, style, and skin tone. There appears to be some very minor differences in facial features, but they're almost unnoticeable.

Personally, I'm a fan of the sixth option, who I refer to as Betty Page Shepard, at least with her hair – what can I say, I like the bangs. Runner-up for me is the first option, a tough-looking Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta" knockoff. Unfortunately, neither of these impressive women are currently leading the polls, as – surprising to no one – the blonde, Malibu Beach Shepard is quickly running away from the pack.

God, you guys are so predictable.