'Kung-Fu High Impact' Coming To Kinect In November


Ignition Games have announced today that they're teaming up with Virtual Air Guitar Company, the developers behind last year's "Kung-Fu Live," to release "Kung-Fu High Impact" for the Xbox 360 Kinect. The game is essentially a side-scrolling brawler, with the odd addition of literally placing you in the game world via the Kinect's camera. The concept is somewhat intriguing, but I'm hoping that the developers will be able to use the new technology to fix the utter disaster that was "Kung-Fu Live."

"Kung-Fu Live" and I have a bit of a history. I reviewed the game for 1UP.com when it released last year, and long story short, it was a complete piece of crap. The game was so glitch-ridden and frustrating, I even made a video complete with my missing body parts and mysterious flying around the screen.

I never really understood what the deal was with "Kung-Fu Live," a game that utilized a camera and motion controls with PlayStation Eye right as the Kinect was being released. Frankly, it looked just like a Kinect game, and I suppose it's not entirely surprising that it never worked that great on the PlayStation 3. Of course, the Kinect isn't entirely perfect either, and visual glitches aside, "Kung-Fu Live" also suffered from consistently poor design.

The strange thing is, as much as it sounds like an awesome idea to play inside a kung-fu comic book, it's really not that much fun after a few minutes. Especially when the enemies are Bruce Lee and you're, well, you're just some dude swinging his arms in his living room.

I'll obviously reserve judgement until I can check out "Kung-Fu High Impact" in Novemeber, but if it's just a port of last year's lame PlayStation 3 title, my hopes won't be high.