Humble Indie Bundle 3 Is The Best Thing You'll Buy Today


As you go about your business today, you'll inevitably spend a few bucks here and there. Maybe you'll buy a cup of coffee, a sandwich at lunch, or maybe you'll plop down ten bucks like I did on the gimmicky "Time Crisis 2nd Strike." Either way, make sure you budget yourself accordingly, because Humble Indie Bundle 3 has just gone live. That's five awesome indie games that can you pick up right now for a price to be determined by you.

The Humble Indie Bundle has been incredibly successful in its last two outings, raking in a considerable amount of dough – over 1 million bucks – for the games' developers and related charities. Now, the bundle is back, and the games are no less excellent.

This go around you'll get "VVVVVV," "Cogs," "Crayon Physics Deluxe," "And Yet It Moves," and "Hammerfight." Normally, that assortment of indie hits would cost you $50. Thanks to the Bundle, though, you can pick up the games for any price you feel like paying. You're even able to split those dollars – in any ratio you like – between the developers, the amazing Child's Play charity, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Help indie developers, help great causes, and play great games. What a wonderful deal.

All of the games are playable on Windows or Mac, and even better, are 100-percent DRM free. That means once you've bought the bundle, it's yours to install wherever and whenever you want. You can even activate the games via Steam, if you wish.

The current average sale price on the site is $4.19. Now honestly, folks, we can do better than that. I paid over twice that this morning so I could pretend to shoot my Mac with an iPhone. Who among you will remove "Minecraft" creator Markus "Notch" Persson from his number-one contributor perch? It will cost you $2,001.