'Battlefield 3' Alpha Videos Detail Weapon Customization


Most of us won't get our hands on "Battlefield 3" until its release date in October, but for a few lucky players, alpha testing of the game has already begun. Now, I'm not entirely sure how DICE or EA feel about their unfinished product being broadcast across the internet, but some fine fellow in Sweden has taken upon himself to make YouTube videos of his alpha-test adventures. The first clips detail weapon customization and recoil.

YouTube user YourGamingTeam's channel is full of "Battlefield 3" alpha videos right now. What immediately drew my attention were the three weapon customization videos. They give some insight on how you'll be able to equip your loadout when the game launches, even if there's nothing all that surprising.

Honestly, based on what's in the YouTube clips, if you've played "Battlefield Bad Company 2," you pretty much already know how gear loadout and weapon customization work in "Battlefield 3." The specifics on your weapons are slightly different, though. You'll have three slots to fill per weapon, which you can load with items like scopes, heavy-gauge barrels, and foregrips.

Once your weapon is customized, you can stock two gadgets – a medical kit, for example – and one specialization. The two specializations shown were speed boost and ammo boost, providing obvious additional perks to each respective trait.

Our inside man also made a fourth video where to he took questions from viewers. During that video he shows off the ability to shoot while vaulting over objects; which looks completely crazy.

While there's nothing earth-shattering revealed in the videos so far, they're definitely worth checking out just to see some more "Battlefield 3" gameplay on the streets of Paris. The bipod attachment (shown at the end of the part 2 video) is particularly impressive looking. YourGamingTeam has promised more videos soon, and is apparently thinking of doing a live stream soon.

We'll let you know when that happens – if he pulls it off before he's completely shutdown by the game's publisher.