'Machinarium' Coming To iPad In August...Hopefully


Just because a game's been out on the PC for a few years doesn't mean it can't find success as a new release on the iPad. For example, "World of Goo iPad," which sold a whopping 125,000 copies in its first month, despite having released on the PC several years earlier. Another indie charmer is attempting to do the same thing.

"Machinarium" released on PC in 2009 after winning awards at the Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Visual Art. The game is a throwback point-and-click adventure with gorgeous, hand-drawn visuals and an adorable robot protagonist. Even if you never played the game, you may have seen the protagonist in the PC version of "Super Meat Boy," where he was a playable character.

Anyway, it's safe to assume that a point-and-click would find a happy home on iPad. Speaking with Pocket Gamer, Jakub Dvorský, the founder of Amanita Design, mentioned that "['Machinarium iPad' is] almost finished, but we still need to fix a lot of small bugs and test it properly. It should be ready during the next month...hopefully."

Unlike most point-and-click adventures of the 1990s, "Machinarium" is pretty forgiving, offering a hint system for those stuck on its often devious puzzles. This is good news for the more casual gaming crowd on the iPad, but hardcore players can still play without hints.

This is a great example of indie developers finally being able to reach the mass market through democratized game distribution on the app store. I wouldn't be surprised if "Machinarium" ended up selling more copies on iPad than anywhere else, thanks to its limited app piracy and ease of purchase.

Stay tuned for more details on the iPad release of "Machinarium," which should be coming soon.

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