'Resident Evil 6' Scheduled For Tokyo Games Show Appearance


Comic-Con, the annual mega-nerd fest in San Diego, wrapped up the 2011 convention this past weekend. There were a few cool surprises that came out of show in regards to videogames, but even at a "fan" convention, there are some topics that are kept behind closed doors. Such is the claim of a forum user, who has posted what appears to be a title card for an upcoming "Resident Evil" game.

Akiraodasan, a member of horror game forums site helldescent.com, posted what certainly appears to be a rather believable image of a title screen for "Resident Evil 6."

"Today I was invited to the Capcom closed door press conference at San Diego Comic-con and they showed us some presentations about details on upcoming Capcom games and other stuff like about their marketing," akiraodasan wrote on the post. "But the most interesting thing is that they confirmed and showed us 'Resident Evil 6' logo. They didn't give out any details about [the] game but said more updates about it will be given this TGS September 15th. We were not allowed to record video or even take photos during the conference but I managed to take a photo without anyone noticing."

This is why publicists watch us like hawks during presentations. Anyways, if the image is legit, it looks like we won't have to wait too terribly long to check out the game. The title card states that there will be "more news to come this Tokyo Games Show," followed by a date of September 15.

Last April, the games producer mentioned that the franchise would go in a "totally new" direction. I'm ok with that, as long as it's a direction away from "Resident Evil 5," and more towards "Resident Evil 4."