'The Walking Dead' Game's First Screenshot Looks Promising


It's been a while since I ventured out to San Francisco to check out TellTale Games' upcoming line-up. At the time, the company formally announced that they were in development of a new game based upon Robert Kirkman's successful comic book series, "The Walking Dead." That was all the way back in February, and things have been rather quiet in regards to the game. Well, what better place to reveal new details on a comic book inspired game than at the grandaddy of comic book – well, it's not entirely about comics anymore – conventions?

Last night at Comic-Con in San Diego, TellTale gave us our very first look at the visuals of "The Walking Dead" game, thanks to the gorgeous screenshot you see above.

I can't say I've ever found TellTale's visuals all that amazing. That's not to say that they don't carry a signature aesthetic through most of their titles, it's just that graphics have not played a huge role in TellTale games. The company has always focused more on the story, which I'm actually fine with, since they are largely a traditional adventure-game developer.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me just say: wow. This in-game screenshot totally took me by surprise. When I was out West last spring, the developers had told me they were working on getting the game to a similar level – graphically – as what was on display for their upcoming "Jurassic Park" title. Whoever the art director is, working on the "Walking Dead," I would like to give you much respect for somehow managing to nail the comic series' look. If TellTale can manage to keep the game looking this good in motion, this is going to be a gorgeously graphic adventure game.

Fingers crossed on the other major component of "The Walking Dead:" the story.