'The Gunstringer' To Include 'Fruit Ninja Kinect,' Coming In September

The Gunstringer

For an indie developer, Twisted Pixel's sure having a busy few months! Just a couple weeks ago we saw the release of the critically-beloved "Ms. Splosion Man," and it seems we're just two months away from their next release: "The Gunstringer." The Wild West-inspired, Kinect-supporting, marionette-heavy romp is scheduled to drop on September 13 for $39.99. Included in that price are a few nifty extras.

I'll admit that I was a bit concerned when Twisted Pixel revealed that they were turning "The Gunstringer" into a full retail game. The game was originally planned as a downloadable, and just tossing in added content at the last minute to justify a higher price point is never a good sign. So, instead, they're tossing in a completely different game!

Copies of "The Gunstringer" will come with "Fruit Ninja Kinect," Halfbrick's mobile hit which is scheduled to drop on XBLA on August 10 as part of the Summer of Arcade initiative. Of course, if you're planning on buying both games, you'll want to wait for "The Gunstringer" to save yourself some money.

In addition to "Fruit Ninja Kinect," new copies of "The Gunstringer" will come with codes for free DLC, including a new level and some avatar props.

It's a clever move, as hardcore gamers haven't exactly adopted Kinect with open arms, as evidenced by extrodinarily weak sales for "Child of Eden." "The Gunstringer" pack is a good way of offering hardcore players more bang for their buck without having to buy multiple games. It'll be interesting to see how successful it is, though. Can a Kinect game finally break through to the "Halo" crowd or will it be soccer moms and dance enthusiasts until the end of time?