'Final Fantasy' Gets A The Rhythm Game? Apparently So.


I've had a difficult time getting into "Final Fantasy" games since "Final Fantasy VII." Sure, I've played through most of the franchise's offerings since, but I haven't really loved any of the newer games as much as that particular entry. The biggest problem – as I'm sure you'll all quickly agree – is that there just wasn't enough rhythm game mechanics worked into "Final Fantasy." Why can't I tap-to-the-tune through battles, instead of all this ridiculous role-playing game stuff? Finally, it appears that Square Enix have heard the never-ending call of the masses with "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy."

The game was spotted in this month's "Jump" magazine in Japan (via Andriasang), and apparently "Theatrhythm" – which sounds like either a Blue Man Group show or a Jethro Tull album – is a "theater rhythm action" game. You'll guide characters from past "Final Fantasy" games, like Cloud and Lightning, through various dungeons and villages, tapping your 3DS screen to prompts. The game features music from older "Final Fantasy" titles, so it does have that going for it.

There's really no other information about "Theatrhythm," but I will honestly tell you that when I heard about it, I thought it was a joke. It's not that I necessarily don't like rhythm games; "Rhythm Heaven" and "Elite Beat Agents" are two games that worked well on the DS platform, for example. My bigger question is: why does "Final Fantasy," a well-loved role-playing franchise, have to be turned into a rhythm game?

Obviously, I'll withhold final judgement until I see the game for myself – if it even makes it to the States – but this just sounds weird. I'm all for re-inventing an old series, but if they announce "Tomb Raider: Dance Party," I'm cashing out.

source: Joystiq