'Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues' DLC Screens Show Off New Weapons

Fallout: New Vegas

"Fallout: New Vegas" was excellent...once you got past the bugs. Unfortunately, for those who enjoyed the post-apocalyptic romp, additional missions through DLC have been hard to come by. The first DLC pack came just a couple months after the game's release release, but the wait until the second one, "Honest Hearts," was a whopping five months. Thankfully things seem to be moving at a faster clip now, as the next DLC pack, "Old World Blues," is scheduled to drop on July 19. Bethesda released new screenshots of the pack which show off some of the new gear you can expect.

As you can see at the top of the post, looks like folks will be able to find a sizable hammer. There also seems to be a focus on high tech energy weapons for this pack:

Old World Blues

Machine Gun

We already know that "Old World Blues" will be set in and around Big Empty (aka Big Mt. Research and Development Center), which is known as a treasure-trove of old world science and technology. Big Empty was alluded to in the "Dead Money" DLC pack, as it was the place where one of your companions was experimented on. We've already seen robotic scorpions in previous screenshots, so the possibility for scientific horrors is high.

I'm not sure I have the highest hopes for "Old World Blues." The DLC packs for "New Vegas" have had some excellent writing, but neither of the first two managed to really offer up much interesting gameplay. The last pack was a step in the right direction, letting players freely explore a massive, open landscape, but it ended up feeling more like a series of fetch quests and didn't offer much in the way of player choice, save for the very end. Here's hoping Obsidian and Bethesda have a better handle on things for this new pack, which is scheduled to drop on July 19.