'Red Dead Redemption' Celebrates 4th Of July With 4X Experience, Teases More DLC

Red Dead Redemption

Just because Rockstar has a newer release in "LA Noire" doesn't mean they've forgotten their old workhorse, 2010's "Red Dead Redemption." Yes, Rockstar's ode to the wild west continues trucking along, thanks to a surprisingly deep multiplayer mode and experience system, which rewards player success with new weapons, characters and horses. And apparently a zebra.

Anyway, in celebration of July 4th, Rockstar is activating 4X experience in the game's multiplayer modes, so if you've been looking to the best time to grind for that afformentioned zebra, now's as good as any. Well, not now. Tomorrow. As that's when it starts. The 4X weekend continues through July 4th.

In addition to the experience bounty, Rockstar is teasing a new DLC pack for the game, with details on that front coming in the next few weeks. While it's not yet confirmed, it's likely to be the Fan Appreciation Pack, announced earlier this month, which will add new modes and playable characters into the mix. It'll also be free, so good news on all fronts!

We'll have more on the (likely) final "Red Dead Redemption" DLC pack soon.