'Brink' Free DLC Pack Dated For July 30


I'll admit it: "Brink" was a pretty serious disappointment for me. I had seen the game at various preview events and found it a blast to play, with interesting gameplay mechanics and cool customization features. But that's the problem with preview events: playing over a LAN is very different from playing over the internet, and when "Brink" hopped online at launch, it was nothing short of a mess. Since then the developers have taken steps to improve performance, including capping the number of players in a standard multiplayer game, but it's hard to imagine that the game will ever recover from the hit it took in that first week. Which isn't to say it's not trying.

Splash Damage is releasing a new expansion for the game which will add two new maps, five new abilities, two new outfits and two new weapon attachments. It'll be released on July 30, which is a date you'll want to mark in your calendar, as the pack will be free for two weeks after that.

Titled "Agents of Change," the DLC pack will also increase the level cap from 20 to 24.

One of my complaints with "Brink" was the lack of content. After all, the game shipped with just eight multiplayer maps. Increasing that number by 25% is definitely a step in the right direction, especially when you're not charging folks for it.

Separate from the pack, another update is planned for the game, which is said to address AI and online issues. For real this time? I certainly hope so.