New ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ Trailer, Filmmakers Appeal For Help In Finishing Movie

Every day, indie games are becoming a bigger force in the industry. Much like film in the late ’60s, there’s a sense that a healthy undercurrent of young minds are actually coming up with the new ideas that will move the medium forward. As the major studios and their publishers’ budgets climb astronomically with each AAA release title, there are those creators out there who are still making video games the hard way: in a garage, or a back room, with very little money, but the total freedom to express their personal vision through the game.

The much anticipated documentary, “Indie Game: The Movie,” takes a deeper look at what it takes to be one of those sleepless visionaries. Now, the film is far enough along that there’s a brand new trailer, as well as another opportunity to help finance its post-production.

“Indie Game: The Movie,” from James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot of BlinkWorks, tells the story of three indie video games and their four creators. You’ll see the trials of “Super Meat Boy” designers Team Meat, “Fez” developer Phil Fish, and legendary “Braid” designer Jonathan Blow, as they explain the often arduous journey of bringing their visions to fruition.

There are few movies about video games that are – well, good. “Indie Game: The Movie” is looking amazing, and if you’re still not convinced, check out this gorgeous trailer the filmmakers just released.

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