PlayStation Network Breach May Link Back To Arrested LulzSec Hacker


Last week we told you about the hacking group LulzSec, who had claimed responsibility for shutting down a number of video game sites and servers. Games like "Minecraft" and "EVE Online" were taken down for a short period of time, and the group has since moved on to high-ranking government sites. Today, it seems as though Scotland Yard is investigating an arrested 19 year-old man for connections to the group, and his involvement with a recent wave of government distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Scotland Yard is also looking into the man's possible connections with the recent Sony data breach.

Back in early May, when the PlayStation Network outage had moved beyond two weeks, Sony had announced its hiring of three security groups to investigate the breach. There has been no word from Sony – or either of those three firms – in regards to finding any possible suspects, but it appears Scotland Yard are very interested in a young man, arrested for his alleged involvement with LulzSec.

Speaking to Develop, the Metropolitan Police stated that the suspect was arrested specifically for connections to a DDoS attack carried out upon the Serious Organized Crime Agency website. The SOCA are a UK crime task force, with a goal of ensuring "crime doesn't pay, and it's harder to commit" according to the agency's web site. LulzSec took credit for bringing the site down yesterday, tweeting "tango down," followed by the SOCA site address.

Scotland Yard are also investigating the young man in regards to the Sony PlayStation Network breach that potentially compromised the personal data of over 77 million users. "We will examine the individual for any Sony data," a representative told Develop. Sony had previously blamed another hacker group, Anonymous, for the attack.

Scotland Yard stated that searching the suspect's residence has "led to the examination of a significant amount of material."

LulzSec appears to be unshaken by the arrest, seemingly poking fun at earlier reports that claimed the 19 year-old suspect was actually a "mastermind" within the organization.

"Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it's all over now... wait... we're all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down?" the group posted on Twitter this morning.