'Portal 2' DLC Now Available, If You Own A $140 Controller


So, I wrote earlier today that Valve is making an appearance at GamesCom in August, after missing E3 this year. While we don't know exactly what title(s) the company is showing in Germany, there's a good chance that the upcoming – this summer, apparently – "Portal 2" downloadable-content will take center stage. We've previously reported that the download will feature new test chambers and leaderboards, but there's actually another downloadable-content pack now available to PC gamers – if you've spent $140 on a new controller, that is.

Starting today, PC "Portal 2" players can download the Razer Hydra exclusive downloadable-content pack.

Honestly, I have no idea how this controller works. There are what appear to be two Wiimote-esque controllers attached to a dock that – OK, I have no freaking clue what this thing does. What is that glowing ball for? If you're controlling the two remotes with your hands, where is that ball going? I'll just leave that up to you to figure out.

Regardless, the Hydra was bundled with a copy of "Portal 2," and now your $140 investment is paying off with some exclusive content. The "Sixense Motion Pack" was developed with the Hydra in mind, and the content is apparently designed to take advantage of the controller's motion-sensitive abilities.

"Intuitively reach out and interact in Portal Test Chambers using the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device in complete three-dimensions; fire portals at exact, accurate angles and throw Weighted Companion Cubes with the right force, the way it's meant to be played," the Razer Hydra site says.

The Hydra also claims to be compatible with "over 125 PC games," including "Call of Duty: Black Ops" and "Beyond Good & Evil."

I'm actually interested to understand how this works, so if you're a PC "Portal 2" player with a $140 controller, why not leave us a description in the comments? How does that ball work? No, really, I'm confused.