Sony PlayStation E3 2011 Press Conference Live Stream

E3 2011 Press Conference

UPDATE: PlayStation Vita price: $249 for WiFi and $299 for WiFi + 3G.

Looking for the latest on Sony, the PS3 and their new handheld? Be sure to tune in right here at 5pm PST, as Sony is hosting a live stream of their E3 2011 press conference. Expected to show are "Uncharted 3," "Resistance 3" and much of the Sony handheld lineup, including many of the games we previewed last week.


Show kicks off with a series of trailers from upcoming games across PS3, PSN and NGP (soon to be called something else...probably PlayStation Vita).


Jack Tretton takes the stage to introduce the show, welcoming the 6000 in the theater and all the folks streaming live. To fans on the network outage: "I want to apologize both personally and on behalf of the company...I know we took you away from what you enjoy most...connecting in gaming..." Network activity is at 90% of what it was before the outage.


Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra from Naughty Dog take the stage to show off "Uncharted 3."

Drake on an abandoned cruise ship in the middle of a rain storm. Why? Who knows! But it looks great. Seems it's littered with soldiers, natch. Ship rocks back and forth in the storm as Drake makes his way across the decks, silently killing bad guys. Shootout in the bilge unleashes a flow of water, the shis starting to tilt as it fills with water. Suddenly the floor is the wall. Drake makes his way through the sideways ship, Poseidon Adventure style!

Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta starting on June 28th. Or you can go to Subway (yes, the sandwich place) for early access to the game's multiplayer portion. Full game coming out on November 1, 2011.


Moving on to Resistance 3, showing off a demo in St. Louis. Some shooting, some aliens, some more aliens. Playable on the show floor for those who can do that sorta me! Launching a Resistance 3 Sharpshooter bundle which includes all the Move gear and the sharpshooter gun.


God of War Origins Collection coming in September, playable in 3D on PS3

Remaster of Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, the two PSP games.

Introducing a PlayStation branded 3D display. 24 inch display. Lets two people see two different screens on the same, um, screen. It's like playing split-screen but both players get a full screen. Bundled with a pair of glasses and Resistance 3. Bundle available for $499.


2K Sports reps on stage to show off a PlayStation Move game...NBA 2K12. SHowing something called NBA on the Move. Using the Move controller, you target the person you want to pass to and hit the button to pass. And to show it off, Kobe Bryant takes the stage! Kobe is playing. So far he's gotten stuffed and ran out of bounds. Two turn-overs in 2 minutes! Oh, but he finally made a shot.


From the developers of Sports Champions comes Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest. 3rd person action/adventure game. You can throw throwing stars, shoot a bow and block attacks with a shield. It's like a family friendly Gauntlet, but the camera is behind the character instead of top-down. One-to-one motion controls for swinging swords, etc.


Run and gun third person shooter, StarHawk takes the stage. Kinda looks like Red Faction meets, um, Halo? Sorta? Just showed a trailer though.


New Sly Cooper game coming! Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Coming 2012 for PS3.

Dust: 514 from the developers of Eve Online, will be a PS3 exclusive. Will connect to Eve Online. Will support Move and will extend to the NGP. Showing off some gameplay footage. Looks pretty, um, gray. Closed beta later this year and a full release in 2012.


New BioShock footage, taken from the demo I saw a couple weeks ago. Ken Levine takes the stage to talk about Move support for BioShock Infinite.

Another game set in the BioShock universe coming to the NGP. No details on that yet.

Move peripheral coming that's shaped like a phaser, in time with the Star Trek game next summer.

Downloadable prequel to the Star Trek game coming to PS3 exclusively.


PS3 getting exclusive Mount Fuji level in SSX.

Need for Speed The Run getting 7 ps3 exclusive cars.

Battlefield 3 being bundled with Battlefield 1943 on the disc.


Kaz Hirai takes the stage, complimenting Jack Tretton's tie. Discussing the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Suite, which is their solution to bringing PlayStation content on stuff like Android.

Next generation portable info comin' at ya right now!

Official name: The PlayStation Vita. Pronounced Vee-tah. As in life. Not as in vitamin.

Discussing all the features we've known before. Front and back touch screens, dual analog sticks. Partnering with AT&T exclusively with WiFi hotspots and data. The crowd erupts into laughter at the AT&T partnership.

Showing PlayStation Party, which lets you chat outside of games. Like Xbox Live parties.

Near is like Nintendo's StreetPass. Find friends nearby and something called Discoveries.

Showing off Uncharted: The Golden Abyss on PlayStation Vita. Same demo we wrote about the other week. Looks nifty!

OFFICIAL PlayStation Vita Price point: $249 for WiFi only, $299 for WiFi + 3G (but the 3G is over AT&T so, um, yeah...).

Demos fro ModNation Racers and Ruin on PlayStation Vita. Both have connectivity features from PS3 to PSV.

Ono on stage to show off Street Fighter X Tekken for PlayStation Vita. Cole from InFamous 2 will be playable in Street Fighter X Tekken on Vita.


Wrap up video showing off all the stuff from PlayStation Vita before Kaz comes back on stage to wrap up the press conference.

PlayStation Vita releasing this holiday season. 249.99 wifi only, 299.99 for wifi + 3G.

That's all she wrote!