Microsoft Offers Free Xbox 360 With Windows 7 PC Purchase


Are you a college student? Are you in the market for a new Windows PC, and also enjoy console gaming? Well, then, does Microsoft have a deal for you. The company has just announced a new promotion where college students will receive a free Xbox 360 with the purchase of a new PC from participating retailers. Now it's easier than ever to blow off sitting in front of your computer doing homework, opting instead to sneak in another "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" multiplayer match.

Posting on the Windows Blog this morning, Kristina Libby announced the new Microsoft promotion that puts Xbox 360 consoles in the hands of students shopping for computers before heading off to college this fall. You're going to need an .edu email address when purchasing your computer online, or a student identification card if you're planning to walk into a storefront.

The only catch appears to be in the price of said Windows 7 PC. The computer will have to cost a minimum $699, although if you're already in the market for a computer, that's a fairly reasonable price. The Xbox 360 – the promotion is offering a 4gb S-model – is currently priced at $199. Again, I don't know that this will have anyone rushing out to buy a 700-dollar computer, just to get a free Xbox, but if you're already in the market, not a bad deal.

Microsoft is clearly attempting to stay engaged with college students as Apple's MacBooks and desktop computers become more commonplace in dorm rooms across the country. Last year, Apple ran a promotion where college students would receive a free iPod Touch with the purchase of a Mac.

It's worth mentioning that this promotion feels like another instance where Microsoft is detaching itself from PC gaming, encouraging you to move away from the computer, over to the console. Why not offer a promotion where college students receive discounts for purchasing gaming laptops or desktops?

The Xbox 360 promotion runs through September 3.