Start Farming With Lady Gaga And Her Leather Motorcycle Sheep Today


A week ago, Zynga announced that it was partnering up with pop-singer Lady Gaga to release a "FarmVille" spin-off of sorts, dubbed "GagaVille." The cross-promotional marketing move was sure to have plenty of Little Monsters excited for the chance to farm with their favorite singer, but the opportunity to gain early access to "Born This Way" tracks is what really has fans going Gaga. The game launches today, and runs through May 23.

Each day between now and May 19, a new track from Lady Gaga's upcoming album, "Born This Way," will unlock, and "GagaVille" players can listen to a streaming version of the song. Then, starting on May 20 and through the album's May 23 drop date, you'll be able to unlock new remixes.

"'FarmVille' players visiting 'GagaVille' will see a farm like none other," Zynga's director of entertainment and media, Raquel DiSabatino, told MTV News. "From planting crystals, to sheep riding motorcycles and special Lady Gaga unicorns, this farm has definitely been 'Gagafied.'"

The entire thing sounds a bit insane, but I suppose if you're a big Lady Gaga fan and you love social games, this is really exciting. Even if you're not into "FarmVille," you have to at least hand it to Gaga for finding an interesting way to promote her new album. The singer herself is apparently way into the concept (well, as way into something as one can sound via press release).

"Everything we've created has been in collaboration," she said. "From giving players a listen to unreleased songs as a reward for game play within 'FarmVille,' to creating daily experiences in 'Words With Friends' that embody the album's messages and songs. We've had a lot of fun developing this program as a unique celebration of the album."

If it's your thing, grab your disco stick and head on over to your favorite Zynga game now to check out those tracks.