Zynga Bringing Lady Gaga To 'FarmVille' with 'GagaVille'


There's no denying that Zynga, the company behind hit social games like "FarmVille" and "CityVille," have staked out a considerable claim in the game market. With over 135 million monthly players logging into those two titles alone, Zynga's games are a veritable marketing gold mine. So, what other kinds of properties can utilize the developer's incredibly massive audience? How about equally popular, mega-celebrities like Lady Gaga?

That's right, fans of Zynga social games and the "Born This Way" diva can look forward to some cross-promotion.

According to an article in The New York Times, Zynga has entered into a partnership with Lady Gaga, giving you early access to the singer's music just by playing some work-productivity-killing Facebook games.

"I want to celebrate and share 'Born This Way' with my little monsters in a special way that's never been done before," Gaga stated via press release. "Zynga has created a magical place in 'FarmVille' where my fans can come play, and be the first to listen to the album."

Starting on May 17, Lady Gaga will apparently show up as a new neighbor next to your "FarmVille" plot. The Times article states that Gaga's farm ("GagaVille") will feature "crystals, unicorns, and leather-clad sheep riding motorcycles." That sounds fine, but I'm personally holding out hope for the ability to raise cows and turn them into meat dresses. Completing certain tasks will unlock early access to tracks from Lady Gaga's upcoming album, "Born This Way," a full week before its public release date of May 23.

If "FarmVille" isn't your thing, there's a similar promotion happening within the Scrabble-esque "Words With Friends." The game will feature a Gaga-themed word of the day, which you'll be able to utilize during your matches. Doing so enters "Word With Friends" players into a contest to win autographed copies of "Born This Way."

This isn't the first time Zynga has used a huge musical celebrity to promote one of their social games. Last year, the company had Snoop Dogg out in the middle of the desert, blowing up armored trucks in the name of "Mafia Wars: Las Vegas."

"Every week we work very hard to introduce new features and new ways for our players to be socially engaged," said Zynga's Owen Van Natta, "By bringing Lady Gaga, her creativity, her voice, her music, it has given us a great way to extend that. This is a massive opportunity for you to be entertained in ways that you have never had before."