'L.A. Noire' Social Club Features Bring Exclusive Outfit, Community Help


Rockstar Games' Social Club, a social integration system that's been showing up in Rockstar's line-up since "Grand Theft Auto IV," is making a return in the upcoming "L.A. Noire." It's not much of a surprise that the online stat program is being included in the game – it's become a bit of an expected staple among Rockstar titles – but there's at least a couple of new ideas in the associated feature list the developer announced today.

First, the 100-percent completion checklist is making a return in "L.A. Noire." If you played "Red Dead Redemption," and you're particularly detail obsessed, you're probably glad to see this handy guide make its return. Grabbing all of those hidden packages, animal pelts, and whatever in the world "L.A. Noire" will have me collecting at three o'clock in the morning (film reels apparently?) are much easier to keep track of thanks to this Social Club checklist. One cool, new social feature: you'll now be able to see how your friends are doing on their completion score, right down to each item.

While past games have included stat-tracking, "L.A. Noire" is taking things a step further, allowing you to jump on the Social Club website and see actual visualized graphs of all the gum-shoeing you and your friends might be up to. I'm personally not all that detail obsessed, or competitive, and wouldn't use the feature all that much. What I might use, though, is the new ability to see my detective's notebook at any time.

After the game releases, and you're sitting at work daydreaming about how to solve some gruesome Hollywood murder, you'll actually be able to look over all your notes from the web. So, for example, if you want to go back over an interrogation you performed in the game, you won't have to wait to get home to decide whether or not that witness is a liar.

That stuff's all fine, but the most interesting things announced by Rockstar come in the form of two "L.A. Noire" specific features. Social Club members will be able to unlock the "Chicago Lightning Suit," an outfit for protagonist Cole Phelps that bestows the wearer with increaed shotgun and machine gun accuracy. It will be interesting to see how much that matters, given the game's lengthy non-action scenes and skippable combat.

Lastly, if you're online, you'll be able to access the "Ask the Community" feature in-game. Basically, if you're interrogating a suspect, unsure whether they're telling the truth, you'll be able to see how other players responded in the same situation. It's an interesting idea, kind of like a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" lifeline. The community's tendency toward each option will be displayed right on screen (see the picture above).