'Bit.Trip Saga' On 3DS To Include All Six 'Bit.Trip' Games


If you've yet to experience a "Bit.Trip" game (really, what's wrong with you?), Aksys Games is about to offer you a great incentive to get on board. The increasingly addictive, retro-inspired adventures of CommanderVideo have now spanned over six titles: "Bit.Trip Beat," "Bit. Trip Core," "Bit.Trip Void," "Bit.Trip Runner," "Bit.Trip Fate," and "Bit.Trip Flux." The games have primarily existed in the realm of PC, but have seen recent releases to WiiWare and the iOS App Store. Now, Aksys has announced an all-new way to get your "Bit.Trip" on with the release of "Bit.Trip Saga" for Nintendo 3DS.

"Bit.Trip Saga" actually combines all six of the currently released games into one single package. Even better (or worse depending on your viewpoint) all six games will be presented in the 3DS' glorious glasses-free 3D. Unfortunately, besides letting us know that the compilation exists, Aksys isn't giving out a whole lot of details. Six "Bit.Trip" games, one cart, 3D. That's really about it for now. There's no mention of how the controls will transfer over to 3DS, either, but one has to assume some correlation between the iOS releases.

Each "Bit.Trip" game features CommanderVideo attempting to make his way through various levels, but there are a few sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle differences between each of the games. What really makes this series shine for me are the retro soundtracks, and the way the developers have always managed to bring me back thanks to a genuinely old-school look and feel. I even enjoy using CommanderVideo in a "Super Meat Boy" level play-through; he's so floaty!

None of the "Bit.Trip" titles are particularly lengthy, so it makes sense to put out a compilation like this. Honestly, even if you're not entirely sold on the whole 3D fad, it would be worth turning that slider down to "off" just play through all six games in such a convenient format.