Behold Some Amazing 'Portal 2' Cube Tricks

Portal 2

You may think that there's only one way to solve most of the puzzles in "Portal 2," or that you've absolutely found the fastest way to get through one of the test chambers. YouTube user SchrobotInDisguise is here to shame you into oblivion. Using a standard Xbox 360 controller, this "Portal" fan recorded multiple feats of fancy, some of which involved breaking test chambers, which the game actually rewards you for doing!

As you can see, just like you're affected by momentum when you go through a portal, the cubes in "Portal 2" are affected by the momentum you create by swinging them around. The end result is the ability to send cubes flying, allowing you to complete otherwise complex test chambers in a matter of seconds.

It's similar to those clips of people making insane basketball shots from a half-mile away, but in this case, Schrobot is doing it with portals and cubes...a far better option.

As humbling as this is to watch, it does go to show how dedicated some fans are about getting the fastest possible times in "Portal 2," despite the fact that the game doesn't actually support time trial leaderboards at the moment. But, as we learned yesterday, Valve is planning to release DLC for the game sometime this summer, and you can bet more advanced test chambers are on the way, along with time trial tracking to see who actually is at the top of the Aperture heap.

And hey, if they don't mind, maybe that could toss in the awesome Pneumatic Diversity Vent, which never made it into the final game, but was shown off in all its glory during E3 last year.