'Serious Sam: Double D' To Explore The Science Of Gun Stacking

Serious Sam

The "Serious Sam" franchise was born out of an era of video games where it was common to ask just how many guns a game had, and if the answer was below 100, that game was written off as edutainment. Those days of mindless FPS games are mostly behind us, but "Serious Sam" continues to truck on alongside "Duke Nukem Forever," waving the flag for all things stupid and exploding. You may already know that "Serious Sam 3: BFE" is sticking to the core FPS model, but there's another "Sam" game on the way that's more of a side-scrolling, "Contra"-style shooter. That game is "Serious Sam: Double D," and it has a feature which heralds a new age of stupid/awesome shooters.

So you have a gun, right? Let's say it's a shotgun. Now we all know shotguns don't have very much range. In most games that means you'd have to pull out a different weapon to hit something from afar. Mommy's Best Games, the developer behind "Serious Sam: Double D" (and the excellent Xbox Live Indie, "Weapon of Choice") has found another way: Weapon stacking. Why switch weapons, when you could simply stack all of your weapons on top of one another?

That's exactly what's going on at the top of this post. What looks like a single gun is actually a chainsaw, machine gun, shotgun, two laser guns and a flamethrower, basically duct-taped together. Your only limit to gun combinations is your number of connectors and, presumably, the power of your PC, which might die a horrible death if all of these weapons were fired at once.

You can read more about the gun stacking system on the Mommy's Best Games blog. "Serious Sam: Double D" is planned for release this summer as a downloadable title for PC.

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