'Inversion' Trailer Hints At Story, Still No Gameplay


Back in February, Namco Bandai confirmed the planned February 7, 2012 release of "Inversion," the gravity-based third-person shooter that Saber Interactive is currently working on. The news arrived alongside a trailer, which showed little more than some cool environments filled with floaty destruction. Another trailer arrives today showing off more destruction... only this time there's also a little gunplay and scene-setting for the game's story to go along with it.

There are two particularly awesome things about this trailer, and they're both quotes. The first is what starts us off, a few words of text on the screen from the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "Come, let us kill the spirit of gravity!" The other is spoken by a character seen in the pre-rendered trailer, presumably our hero, David Russel, immediately afterward: "Gravity is like most things. You never really appreciate it till it's gone."

I wonder what Nietzsche would think if he were given the opportunity to watch that. Once he got over the shock of seeing magic moving pictures in a shiny, flattened box, of course.

So it seems based on what is said in the trailer that Mr. Russel has spend six months in a Lutadore (the game's alien invaders) prison camp. He's got their technology figured out and he want to use it against them. He gets his shot too, as a horde of the (vaguely Locust-looking) aliens run up the side of a building at full bore.

Times like that, you are definitely feeling some sadness about missing gravity.