'RAGE' Pre-order 'Anarchy Edition' Detailed, New Gameplay Trailer Released


"RAGE" is looking seriously sweet. Bethesda Softworks invited a bunch of journalists out to see its upcoming slate of games last week, and as the embargoes start to lift this week we're seeing all sorts of new promotional content to go along with the previews. Such as the new trailer, embedded after the jump, featuring five minutes of gameplay pulled from a mission to... Dead City. (cue evil Vincent Price laugh)

Right? Just a whole lot of awesome going on there. Boomerang-y spinning blades, some kind of arrow-firing slingshot, a giant mutant-thing with a tire strapped to its back. Sweet.

Bethesda also released the first pre-order details for the upcoming id Software-developed game. Anyone who pre-orders in the United States will receive the "Anarchy Edition," which packs in a ton of extra content in the form of weapons, armor, vehicles AND missions.

There are two weapons, one that fires and one that smacks: a one-handed double shotgun and spiked gloves called Fists of Rage that up your melee attack damage. Players will also get a set of Crimson Armor, which mashes together the rest of the game's armor boosts into one damage-reducing outfit, and a racing buggy called the Rat Rod.

On top of all of that, "Anarchy Edition" also packs in a set of Wasteland Sewer missions. Players will explore the old underground network -- hopefully it's all dried up down there by now -- and kill many mutants as they go.

That fact that this content comes free with a pre-order suggests that it will be sold at some point, though there's no mention of when nor is there any confirmation as to how this content will be released outside the U.S..