'Metro 2033: Last Light' Coming From THQ

Metro 2033

In our review of "Metro 2033," we called it an "an incredibly difficult but rewarding, moody game." Although not perfect, it had its own look and feel, and garnered a dedicated fan base. Last summer, THQ's Danny Bilson confirmed that a sequel was on the way, when talking about the efforts to add 3D visuals to the original game. "We're going to be doing a 3D version of that on 'Metro 2034' -- the sequel," he said. If recent THQ URL filings are any indication, though, the "Metro 2033" sequel will go under a different name: "Metro 2033: Last Light."

New THQ-registered domains were spotted by domain-registration hawk, Superannuation. The URLs registered include "MetroLastLight.com," "Metro2033LastLight.com" and "LastLightGame.com."

Apart from the name, no other information was revealed about the sequel. But there is a good chance that there's some cross-over between the pending sequel and the novel, "It's Getting Darker," which was written by Dmitry A. Glukhovsky, who wrote the original "Metro 2033." "It's Getting Darker" was published on Glukhovsky's blog, in Russian, one chapter at a time. Another clue about the premise may be found in the Russian-published "Metro 2033 - By The Light."

Light has always played an important role in the "Metro 2033" series. In the original game, a flashlight was required for many of the underground locations, and it's possible that "Last Light" will tell of the survivor's struggles to maintain visibility.

Whatever the case, the URL filing is great news for fans of the original who were hoping to experience more of the bleak, dark, depressing world of post-apocalyptic Russia. We should be hearing a bit more about the sequel's progress at this year's E3 in June, so stay tuned.