'Xotic' XBLA Summer Release Offers A Colorful FPS/Arcade Hybrid


Developer WXP Games is probably known best in the current console generation for its work on the Xbox 360 movie trivia title "Sceneit? Lights, Camera Action." Or perhaps you are familiar with last year's Wii/DS monster, "The Daring Game for Girls" (an admittedly awesome name). The studio is now preparing to delve into the FPS space, as it did with the last-gen release "Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd," with a newly announced Xbox Live Arcade shooter "Xotic," which will be published by Valcon Games LLC and TikGames.

The press release describes "Xotic" as "a unique hybrid of the first-person shooter and arcade genres." I'll let TikGames founder and CEO Anthony Tikhman handle the explanation. "'Xotic' is an all-new twist on a genre full of likeminded games," he writes in the release. "Instead of running around and shooting the same old soldiers with the same old guns, in this game players will be exploring a unique bio-organic environment while aiming to rack up millions of points and a spot at the top of the leaderboards."

Millions of points sound good. You'll earn them by picking up chain combos, "by shooting targets like the life-choking Scab plants around each level, picking up Orb Essence, and, yes, blasting enemies." It sound like balance is key here; time is a factor, so you need to pick and choose your targets carefully. The game will also feature in-match power-up pick-ups and an experience point system that can be used to upgrade skills and weapons.

It's certainly colorful, as you can see in the screenshot. The market is insanely crowded with shooters, to the point that even the best of the best are going to leave players with some hard choices to make later this year. Can an Xbox Live Arcade release hope to compete? We'll have to wait and see, at least until a little more is revealed.