'Twisted Metal' Gets Axel Pre-order, New Trailer

twisted metal

At long last, a new "Twisted Metal" game -- a high definition "Twisted Metal" game -- is coming on October 4. The series hasn't made a peep in years, and that's far too long to go without any gratuitous vehicular mayhem from the warped mind of David Jaffe. The release date reveal came alongside a new trailer and today brings another one, plus details on a pre-order bonus.

Sony's marketing department must love it when games like "Twisted Metal" come along. Just look at what they do with a regular old PlayStation 3 ad. Horrifying.

The new trailer is an extended version of what we saw last week, and the added length doesn't make it any more cuddly. It does show one of the game's more exciting new features, the ability to place drivers in different vehicles. The image of Sweet Tooth propped up in Axel's big-wheeled... thing also nods to today's other piece of news. Along with the trailer, PlayStation Blog confirmed that early access to unlock Axel will be available as a pre-order bonus.

A few new details emerged at a recent preview of the game hosted by Jaffe, chief among them the addition of persistent features to the game's online multiplayer mode, including progress rewards in some form (via Joystiq). He also spoke a little about the game's tactical elements. The new "Twisted Metal" breaks characters down into different factions. Add in the ability to use different characters in a variety of vehicles, and you're left with a lot of tactical flexibility. That's the pitch, anyway. We'll see in October.