'Outland' Trailer Offers Taste Of Co-op Gameplay


Housemarque impressed the heck out of gamers late last year with "Dead Nation," a unique twin-stick shooter with beautiful urban apocalypse visuals and upgradeable weapons to plow through a horde of zombies with. In just a few weeks you'll get to see what the studio's take on Metroidvania games with "Outland," which has a new trailer today highlighting the co-op side of the gameplay.

As you can see, "Outland" takes a sharp turn away from the gritty realism of "Dead Nation" with a much more stylized world and wider palette of colors. It was already apparent in the screenshots, but watching it move in the trailer highlights just how gorgeous the Ubisoft-published game is.

"Outland" distinguishes itself from other, similar releases with a gameplay mechanic built around the colors red and blue -- chaos and balance, from the sound of the trailer -- in a setup that should be familiar to fans of "Ikaruga." The main character can flip between the two hues, absorbing like colors and, as we see in the trailer, doing battle with opposing ones.

The gameplay above offers a look at the co-op modes featured in "Outland," which we first heard about a few weeks ago. In addition to full two-player support for the game's story, there's also a set of Challenge Rooms, which tweak the rules of the game in different ways for co-op-oriented puzzles.

"Outland" is coming to PlayStation Network on April 26 and at Xbox Live Arcade a day later, on April 27, for $10 or 800 MS Points, respectively.