'Trine,' 'Shadowgrounds' Featured In Latest Humble Bundle Charity Drive


The video game industry is among the most forward-thinking when it comes to doing charitable work. Just look at the efforts made by Grasshopper Manufacture and CCP Games in the wake of Japan's recent earthquake. One of the cooler charity drives, managed by Wolfire Games, is the Humble Bundle series, a pay-what-you-want offering that allows gamers to set their price for a bundled set of indie games and dictate how the money is split up between the Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities. The latest in the series, the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, is now live and offering some kickass games for a good cause.

Frozenbyte, the developer of "Trine," "Shadowgrounds" and "Shadowgrounds: Survivor," is making all three of those games available -- and then some -- in the new pack. Also included are soundtracks for all three games, a pre-order for the studio's in-development game "Splot" and, perhaps coolest of all, a game prototype called "Jack Claw." The whole shebang is PC and Mac compatible with the exception of "Jack Claw," which is Windows-only.

The way it works is pretty simple. You go to the Humble Bundle website, click the Buy button and set your price in a text window at the top. The suggested donation is $29.95, but you can pay as little as one penny if you so choose. Don't do that though. Don't be a jerk. Once the price is set, you adjust four sliders to dictate how much money goes where, between Child's Play, EFF, Frozenbyte and Humble Bundle (to support future offerings).

That's it. Send your purchase through and you've got a heaping load of new games to play with. Good ones too. Frozenbyte does some great work, and "Trine" especially is worth your time, with its unique flavor of puzzle gameplay.