'PowerUp Heroes' Kinect Game From Ubisoft Lets Your Avatar Suit Up

powerup heroes

A lot of people still aren't sure what to make of Xbox Live's Avatars. They're not as cute as the Wii's Miis and not nearly as creepy as some of the human-ish monstrosities that can be cooked up in PlayStation Home. Avatars fall somewhere in between the two, plus you can buy them stuff like lightsabers and pet Wampas (and other, non-"Star Wars"-related merchandise). The release of the Kinect peripheral changed all of that by inserting your Avatar into certain games. Nothing that gives you superpowers though. Bless Ubisoft then for seeing the need and addressing it, with the newly announced Kinect exclusive, "PowerUp Heroes."

"PowerUp Heroes" is described in the press release as "an ultimate super power-infused full-body fighting game." It's quite a mouthful, but the gist of it is: you turn your Avatar into a superbeing and kick mighty ass with it. By manipulating and contorting your body in various ways, you'll be able to shoot projectiles, block attacks, strike back with counters and probably even throw a punch or two on your own. I weep for the Kinect-connected flat screen TVs of the world.

Remember the lessons of the Wii, children: game with care.

The game will feature local two-player versus and four-player tournaments as well as online faceoffs between two players. The game pulls in your basic Avatar, which you then can tweak and customize by applying powers to whichever super suit you have equipped. In a somewhat awesome twist, beating down an opponent wins you their super suits. There are 20 to collect in all, some of which are: "the mighty Necromancer suit which allows the player to control a horde of skeletons, and the Mentalist suit that gives the player the ability to break into their enemy's mind."

I can't wait to see how mind control will work in a multiplayer setting. Hopefully it involves actually hypnotizing the other player. I've always wanted to make my brother bark like a dog whenever he hears the word "tomato."

"PowerUp Heroes" is set for release in June of this year.