'Portal 2' Trailer Illustrates The Dangers Of Falling From Great Heights

portal 2

"Portal 2" is finally out next week. Its hours-long predecessor stole the show in Valve's expansive "Orange Box" 2007 collection, but this will be the first full-length $60 release bearing the "Portal" title. All of the first-person puzzle gameplay is back, and then some. There's co-op. There are launch platforms. A star-studded voice cast. Long Fall Boots. Wait, what? Just hit the jump, you'll see.

I love when that little stick figure goes splat, don't you? In the previous game, falling from too great a height wasn't a constant concern, but it should've been. When you're flinging colorful portals all over the place that bend the space-time continuum in transporting you from point A to point B, falling really ought to be a risk. That's the danger we all face in the wacky world of "Portal."

It wasn't a risk then and it's not a risk now, but this time we know why! Chell has these handy Long Fall Boots for her second adventure through the halls and labs of Aperture Science. I'm not sure how great a height she can fall from and be protected, but I definitely look forward to testing that out! Remember: it's not frustrating to die in a video game when it's intentional. Then it's just fun.

As entertaining as this series of Aperture Science-sponsored investment videos have been, this is unfortunately the last one we'll be seeing. "Portal 2" hits stores on April 19, coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows and Mac platforms. If waiting these last remaining days out is still too much to bear, why don't you check out Russ's preview of the games first few minutes.