'DiRT 3' Online Multiplayer Party Modes Detailed

dirt 3

The "DiRT" offroad racing series is a hard bunch of games. Seriously. Just try to pick that game up for the first time and stay on the track for more than a few seconds. Can't be done. It's worth getting the hang of though, as the game is gorgeous and it serves up some imaginative multiplayer modes to complement the solo-focused single player racing. This third game looks like it serves up the wackiest ones yet, as we learn in a new announcement from Codemasters.

"DiRT" is very much focused on being a simulation, but creating a realistic racing experience takes a backseat in the newly announced Party Mode for "DiRT 3." Codies has built three special game modes which throw realism to the dust-filled wind to focus instead on making cars participate in ridiculous activities, Rock Paper Shotgun reports.

I'm perfectly okay with that.

First up is Invasion. In this mode, the aliens are coming! Only they're not actually aliens. They're cardboard cutouts. To protect the planet from this highly recyclable menace, you have to speed around a closed-in space and run them all over. There's a catch though! The aliens are attacking one of Earth's cities. So as you take out the alien cutouts, you must also take care to avoid hitting any cardboard skyscrapers.

The next mode is a Capture the Flag-styled event called Transporter. Pretty simple: get to the flag, grab it and get it back to your team's home base before it can be stolen from you. What sets this mode apart from other CTF modes is the flag's unpredictability; it spawns in a new location each time a team scores.

The last of the modes is called Outbreak. Within five seconds of each match starting, one car is designated as a disease carrier, signified in the game by it turning bright green. The diseased car must then make its way around and ram into other cars to "infect" them. The winner is the last car remaining after all others have been infected, though the match doesn't end until that car, too, has been hit with the bug.