'Brink' Release Date Pushed FORWARD, To May 10


We gamers are used to disappointment. Delays happen with alarming regularity and there's nothing we can do about them other than whine and moan. As unfortunate as this can be, it makes the occasional release date good news all that much sweeter. Today's flavor explosion comes from Bethesda Softworks, which has formally announced that the release date for its upcoming online shooter "Brink" will be pushed forward by one week.

"Brink" was originally set to arrive on May 17 in North America, but Bethesda has confirmed that it will now be coming to stores on May 10 instead. Similarly, the May 20 European release has been pushed forward seven days, to May 13.

Now the game will go up against other May 10 releases, which include "LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean" and "MX Vs. ATV: Alive," instead of Rockstar Games' May 17-releasing latest, "L.A. Noire." I'd say that's a pretty smart call on Bethesda's part, wouldn't you?

"Brink" is the first original IP from "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" and "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" developer Splash Damage. Like the studio's previous games, "Brink" is a class-based online shooter that sets itself apart with a focus on environmental acrobatics and co-op as well as competitive multiplayer play.

The game is built around two factions, Resistance and Security, both of which are vying for control of a utopian floating city known as The Ark. Players will earn experience points as they play in both single player and multiplayer modes, earnings which can be used to outfit the game's four classes -- solder, medic, engineer and operative -- with additional weapons and abilities. It sounds like great fun and, awesomely, we'll now be waiting one less week to find out.