'Fallout: New Vegas' DLC 'Honest Hearts' Screens Leak

fallout new vegas

"Dead Money," the first DLC pack from Bethesda Softworks for "Fallout: New Vegas," hit Xbox 360 in late December and the rest of gaming's digital download services in February. We haven't heard a peep from Bethesda yet on the next DLC pack, though there were strong hints of what is to come buried in "Dead Money." Now there are a few (admittedly tiny) screenshots for a pack called "Honest Hearts," pulled from an accidentally posted trailer on YouTube.

The largest of the three screens is an action shot, with the player character smacking what appears to be a scantily clad woman with some kind of primitive mace.

That really doesn't sound good, does it? Presumably she attacked first.

The other two tiny images offer up a title screen and an expansive red rock vista. The images all come from a poster at Duck and Cover (via Kotaku). They're so small that I won't bother re-posting them all here. Check one out below and head over to DAC for the other two.

Not much is known about "Honest Hearts," but there is a widespread belief among gaming's web sleuths that it will in some way involve the Utah city of New Canaan. While the location hasn't ever appeared in an official "Fallout" release before, it was created by "New Vegas" lead designer Josh Sawyer for "Van Buren," the cancelled "Fallout 3" game that Black Isle was developing before Bethesda took over.

It's worth noting that there's a Bethesda-sponsored media gathering happening this very week in the mountains of Utah. Between the prematurely posted trailer, the hints in "Dead Money" pointing to the next DLC pack and the Utah gathering, it seems logical to speculate that we'll be hearing something on "Honest Hearts" this week.

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