'Harvest Moon: The Tale Of Two Towns' Coming To Nintendo 3DS, DS

"FarmVille" may be the new hotness on Facebook, but for fans of Nintendo, the first, last and only stop when it comes to farm simulation role-playing games is "Harvest Moon." There hasn't been a North American release in the series for one of Nintendo's portable gaming systems since 2008, but all that is about to change with the planned release of "Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns."

The news came in a press release today from the series' developer, Natsume, which reveals that the game will be coming to Nintendo's 3DS and DS handhelds in a simultaneous release. This will presumably be a localized version of the Japan releaes "Bokuj? Monogatari: Futago no Mura" (translated: "The Farm Story: Twin Villages"), which came out last summer, on July 8.

"We're extremely excited to be bringing 'The Tale of Two Towns' to these two great platforms," Natsume president and CEO Hiro Maekawa said. "We wanted to ensure that all of our loyal Harvest Moon fans would have a chance to play this game. No matter which version they pick up, they're sure to love the great new cast of characters, the fun festivals, and the exciting new gameplay mechanics."

It seems that this new game will introduce a little bit of conflict, as you might have gathered from the title. Relations between the neighboring villages of Konohana and Bluebell have broken down following a dispute over the quality of each one's cooking, with both insistent that theirs is the best in the world.

Players will start out as new arrivals to the region, choosing which village they'll be living in at the beginning. Konohana is described as "Eastern-styled," with "its abundant fields of crops" while Bluebell is "European-styled" and "animal-loving." It seems that one of the game's long term goals is to repair relations between the two communities and bring them together once again. Isn't that nice?