'Amy' Protagonists Take On 'Infected Humans, Demons And Military'


A couple months back we brought you word of an upcoming survival horror title called "Amy" from VectorCell and "Flashback" creator Paul Cuisset. The initial announcement actually revealed quite a few details about the PlayStation Network-exclusive survival horror game, but a new press release brings added backstory to what we already know.

"Amy" is set in December 2034, in the middle American town of Silver City. Humanity has recently been left decimated after a comet hits the Earth and a deadly virus is unleashed that spreads everywhere quickly.

Players control Lana, who wakes up after the tragedy strikes, and quickly discovers that her former friends and neighbors have turned into an uncontrolled mob of diseased killers. Lana herself begins to feel the effects, but she is driven to carry on after she meets a young girl named Amy.

Amy is eight years old, and she is autistic, but she is in posession of some "curious powres." She is unable to fight, but her sizes and these powers -- which apparently include the ability to keep Lana's virus at bay -- create the game's unique play possibilities. They'lll face off against "infected humans, demons and the military," according to the press release.

The virus adds an additional element to the game. When Lana is close to Amy she is safe from the virus, but the tradeoff is that, even together, the duo are not a formidable threat to the monsters all around them. Lana can leave Amy behind, presumably in a safe place, and the virus will take hold. This causes the enemies to stop attacking, but Lana only has a limited amount of time before her infection rises past the point of no return.

"Amy" is coming to PSN in June of this year.