'Atari's Greatest Hits' Comes To iOS With 100 Games

atari 2600

Atari released its Atari 2600 gaming console in late 1977, a beast of a platform with its 128 bytes of RAM and single button joystick controller. The concept of a "D-pad" didn't even exist yet! The console stuck around until the end of 1991, when it was discontinued. A staggering number of game cartridges were released during the console's extended life cycle, everything from obscure titles like "Night Driver" to popular arcade hits like "Asteroids." The library is a huge and a good sized chunk of it -- nowhere near everything, however -- is now available as a universal iOS app via the App Store, under the name "Atari's Greatest Hits.

The giant-sized collection packs in 100 classic video games in all, 18 arcade games and 92 Atari 2600 games, TouchArcade reports. The site reports that the collection arrived in New Zealand first, and it has since been rolled out to the App Store in other parts of the world as well.

The app itself is a free download, and it includes a copy of the seminal video game, "PONG." The rest of what's available can be added to your library as in-app purchases. There are 25 individual packs, four titles per pack, available for $0.99 apiece. Alternatively, bargain hunters can opt to get everything in one big chunk, for $14.99. All games include original arcade cabinet/box art and certain titles even support multiplayer gaming via a Bluetooth connection(!).

Awesomely, "Atari's Greatest Hits" is designed to work with Ion's iCade docking station, which turns your iPad into a miniature arcade cabinet. The iCade is currently open for pre-orders at ThinkGeek, with a $99 value and a June release date. Head over to TouchArcade for the full list of games available in the collection.