'Streets Of Rage Remake' Is An Amazing Feat

Streets of Rage

Is there a single game franchise you love so much that you'd spend eight years of your life attempting to make a much-desired remake/sequel? For Bomber Games, that franchise is "Streets of Rage," and eight years of development were poured into their project, "Streets of Rage Remake." The title is a bit misleading, though, as "Remake" has more features than every "Streets of Rage" game before it...combined. Yes, it's an enormous project and if you have any love for beat-em-ups, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of "Streets of Rage Remake" is that, despite the hundreds and hundreds of man hours that were poured into the game, Bomber has no interest in making money off of it. The site where the game can be downloaded has a small PayPal link asking for donations to help with server bandwidth costs. That's it. This truly was a labor of love.

As for the game itself, it's the ultimate "Streets of Rage" release, with every character from the series returning, and even some new characters based off some box art. And you know how beat 'em ups tend to have a dozen or so number of levels? Yeah, "Remake" has 103. Heck, there's even a level creator so people can continue Bomber's noble work.

Noble, for sure. Legal? Probably not. Thankfully Sega's lawyer's haven't stepped up to the Cease and Desist plate yet, and given that the project has been around for almost a decade, maybe they're just going to let this one slide. If not, and Bomber Games is forced to take the link down, you can be sure that "Streets of Rage Remake" will live on in the hallowed halls of BitTorrent. But if you're not the BitTorrent type, I'd suggest snagging the download now.