Electronic Arts Cancels 'Dead Space 2' Wii, 'The Simpsons Game 2'


It's always sad to see a game get cancelled. If it reaches the point that a cancellation needs to happen, then it's also gone far enough for some amount of hard work to have been put in on the project. Once it's canned, all of that effort turns out to be for nothing. So have a little sympathy for the frustration some of the folks at Electronic Arts must be feeling today as planned releases of a Wii port of "Dead Space 2" and a sequel to "The Simpsons Game" are pushed aside to make room for more important projects.

The news comes from the LinkedIn accounts of Gary Sakkas and Matt Spriggans (via Destructoid). There's really not much more to be said about it; the games were happening and now they're not.

"Dead Space 2" seems like a strange one, not to cancel but to develop in the first place. A Wii version of the space-based survival horror sequel might have made sense when the game was first released earlier this year. To put one out even now would feel just a little too late, and it clearly wasn't ready yet.

As for "The Simpsons Game," there's not much mystery here. The first game was helped by killer writing from the TV series' writers and contributions from the voice cast, but it really wasn't a very good game. EA would be better off putting that team on a sequel to the "Simpsons"-themed "GTA" clone, "The Simpsons: Hit & Run." or, you know, something else. Like that "Syndicate" revival we've all been waiting for.