The Rock Wants In On A 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Movie

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returned to his WWE roots last night as the host of Wrestlemania. For the last several years, though, his career has been strictly on the silver screen...with varying degrees of success. Gamers often shudder when his name is brought up, if only because he was the star in the unfortunate "DOOM" film. And then there was his attempt to star in a "Spy Hunter" movie that never really happened (though Midway did manage to release a "Spy Hunter" video game tie-in starring Johnson that should've met a similar fate).

Despite his mixed resume, it seems Johnson isn't ruling out the possibility of working on another video game movie project, if the variables are right. He spoke with MTV's movies editor, Josh Horowitz, about the prospects: "I think if the right one came along. I thought we had an opportunity with 'DOOM.' Didn't work out the way we wanted it to, creatively. But yeah, if the right opportunity came along and the script is good, sure."

Seems he even has a dream project in mind: "'[Call of Duty] Black Ops,' that'd be bad ass. Let's make it happen, let's do it," he said. He then added, with a straight face: "That and 'Black Swan 2.'"

It's hard to imagine any action star not wanting to be in a "Call of Duty" movie, but how many of them have come forward and openly proclaimed interest? Well, yes, Ed Harris, but I wouldn't really consider "Pollack" an action movie. He was, however, awesome as the voice of CIA agent Jason Hudson and don't forget his terrorist role in "The Rock." Woah, it all comes full circle.