New 'Battlefield 3' Gameplay Trailer Arrives, Campaign Length Confirmed?

battlefield 3

There are two big items to bring you today regarding DICE's upcoming sequel, "Battlefield 3." First is a new gameplay trailer, Fault Lines - Episode 3, which follows the footage released in the first and second episodes. All of the footage shown so far, including today's trailer, comes from an alpha demo that Electronic Arts has been showing since shortly before GDC 2011 earlier this month. There's also an odd sort of non-denial that "Battlefield 3" will feature a hefty campaign mode, one which carries an expected 12-hour playtime.

The campaign length report comes from an interview Games On Net (via CVG did with DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson. It is actually the interviewer who asks about the "lengthy, 12-hour single-player campaign" -- who knows where he heard that? -- though Troedsson says nothing to refute the claim.

Instead, he emphasizes that, while the series has always been built around and for multiplayer play, a more focused story campaign serves to broaden the audience. "Why do we need single-player? Why do we need co-op? Naturally, we want to introduce more people to our franchise and a lot of people don't want to jump straight into multiplayer. They want to feel around a bit and then they're ready to move over into online," Troedsson said.

Make of the 12-hour campaign length what you will for now, at least until there's some actual confirmation from the studio.

As for the new trailer, it shows your soldier working his way through air ducts underground to the detonator for some kind of explosive device. As he disconnects it, an enemy combatant approaches from behind and a melee scuffle ensues.

This is actually the sequence referenced in last week's post, in which it was reported that one outlet construed that exchange to be proof that "Battlefield 3" features some depth in its close-quarters combat mechanics. Personally, it looks to me like a quick-time event, albeit one that makes intuitive use of the computer mouse's right and left buttons. You can now take a look and decide for yourself in the trailer above.