'Mortal Kombat' Trailer Highlights Tag Team Ninja Action

mortal kombat

This is the week for "Mortal Kombat" apparently, and not a little inexplicably. The game's out soon of course, but not until April 19, so why the crush of content now? Not that I'm complaining. Yesterday's Kratos trailer was all sorts of sweet. Today's latest look doesn't have the same cross-franchise appeal, focusing instead on the game's tag team battles.

The "Tag Team Ninja Showdown" trailer is just straight-up gameplay, featuring a match-up between -- you guessed it -- four ninja. On one side you've got fan favorites Scorpion and Sub-Zero and on the other, the cyborg competitors Cyrax and Sektor. Guns and greandes versus harpoons and ice. You already know who's going to win this one, right/

The transition from one fighter to another seems to be completely seamless and immediate, with Sub-Zero and Scorpion pulling off their signature moves and then trading places to let the other fighter finish off the combo several times. The fight unfolds on the roof of a building in the middle of a crumbling city, with a fire-breathing dragon chasing a helicopter visible in the background. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it.

No. No it doesn't. And that's why it's "Mortal Kombat."

The coming release takes a bit of a back-to-basics approach, with a 2.5D presentation and a roster of fighters pulled from the first three games in the series. The story opens after the events of "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon," but then travels back in time to serve up an alternate re-telling of the events spanning games one through three.