Kinect Horror Game, 'Rise Of Nightmares,' Coming From Sega

rise of nightmares

Did you know Sega was working on a Kinect-powered horror game called "Rise of Nightmares"? It's okay if not. The game was announced at the Tokyo Game Show last year and set for a spring 2011 release, but nothing has been said about it since. Bless the ESRB then, bringer of the truth that the organization is, for finally outing something about this next motion-based horror game from the publisher that brought you "House of the Dead: Overkill."

From the sound of things, "Rise of Nightmares" finds some common ground with "House of the Dead." Not only is it ridiculously gory, it also features a fair bit of cussing and suggestive images/dialogue. All of which amounts to a boatload of awesome. "Overkill" remains one of the best reasons for Mature-aged gamers to own a Wii. A Kinect game featuring those elements will definitely serve to up the eye candy factor.

Siliconera discovered the ESRB listing, which seems to have been pared down a bit since it was first discovered. The story synopsis in the website's post is no longer included in the ESRB listing. Fortunately, Siliconera captured and reprinted the whole thing, which you can check out below.

This is a horror-adventure game in which players assume the role of an American tourist who must rescue his wife from a deranged scientist. From a first-person perspective, players use brass knuckles, knives, hatchets, and chainsaws to kill zombie-like creatures and disfigured monsters inside a mansion environment. Combat is highlighted by exaggerated sprays of blood, and damage often results in dismemberment or decapitation—stray body parts sometimes litter the ground.

Some sequences and cutscenes depict more intense acts of violence: a man screams loudly as spikes impale his body; a restrained character’s hand is chopped off before he is killed; a character (cut in half) crawls away in a pool of blood; a soldier is ripped apart by a monster, causing blood to stain the screen. During the course of the game, some female creatures are depicted in revealing outfits (e.g., ‘pasties’ that partially cover their breasts); in one sequence, a woman sits on the central character’s chest and engages in suggestive dialogue (e.g., ‘Oh, how I’ve thought of this—night after night. How I’ve missed these lips.’). Dialogue also includes phrases such as ‘Best sex of my life.’/'Worst sex of my life,’ ‘f--k,’ and ‘s--t.’