'River City Ransom 2' Confirmed For WiiWare Release

river city ransom

Last week brought the insanely uber-fantastic news that there is an actual sequel coming for the NES classic, "River City Ransom." There wasn't much detail revealed, just that Japanese dev Miracle Kidz is working on "River City Ransom 2" for a summer "console" release and a 2012 bow as a "PC online title." In a new update, we now know what the mysterious console will be: Nintendo's Wii.

Specifically, the game will be released via Nintendo's WiiWare digital download service. This isn't really any kind of surprise. "RCR" was born on a Nintendo console so of course its open-world brawler/RPG hybrid awesomeness will continue on one. The news comes straight from the developer, via Andria Sang.

There was some belief following the initial announcement that the game might come to Xbox Live Arcade as well, since Miracle Kidz' "Downtown Smash Dodgeball" is already available as an Xbox Live Indie Games release. And hey, it may still happen. However, the summer release is only confirmed for WiiWare, so maybe it's time to dust the console off and make sure all of your system updates are in order.

Miracle Kidz does have an official game page up for "RCR2," or "Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari 2," as it is known in Japan. There's nothing as informative as actual gameplay details, but there are images of what appears to be the new game's various gang members as well as vital stats.

It's all in Japanese, so you may want to have the page automagically translated (the link above does just that). There, you can puzzle over the meaning of translated phrases like "In the past, but seems to have learned some martial arts, bear men discreet" and marvel at the improved detail in the game's cast of fighters.